Seasonal casks

Casks come back into season

Our client Accolade Wines was asked by major liquor chain BWS to create an exclusive range of seasonal 2L casks. The casks were targeted at ‘newbies’ and ‘high potentials’ to be used as a convenient bring-along at outdoor parties, picnics, glass free events, camping, festivals, etc. There were no products on the market at that time specifically targeting these outdoor usage occasions or these younger ‘newbie’ consumers. Accolade then briefed Tucker Branding on creating an exclusive design.

Our task was to stimulate interest in the cask category and encourage consumers to view casks differently. Research into casks revealed that consumers buy cask wine for sharing occasions (low key house parties and gatherings with friends), that they value the portable convenience of 2L cask for outdoor events, and that the majority of 2L cask consumers are aged under 45 years (63%).

We determined that these consumers are active on social media platforms and that they share social experiences online. Rather than the traditional route of wine-based design cues, we opted to create a package that acknowledged not only a sense of occasion but also represented the season. We turned to Instagram/Pinterest for pictorial inspiration as the basis for creating 2L cask designs for a Summer Skies Sauvignon Blanc and a Winter Nights Shiraz. An image that appears to have been snapped casually and spontaneously when enjoying an environment, location, or occasion (often with a filter applied to add atmosphere and enhance the mood), resonates with the ‘newbie’ market. Accordingly, we created art for the casks to reflect this thinking.

The resulting exclusive design is a shelf standout amongst other 2L offerings with its vibrant, fun and irreverent design. Sales have also been good for BWS who plan to re-release the products as the seasons dictate.

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