Ta_Ku Pink

A savvy innovation...

Ta_Ku is a well-known New Zealand wine brand and part of the Accolade Wines portfolio. To generate cut-through and reinvigorate interest in the Sauvignon Blanc category, Ta_Ku Sauvignon Blanc PINK was introduced as a unique innovation around Sauvignon Blanc. The wine is 94% Sauvignon Blanc with 6% Pinot Noir and a taste profile of Sauvignon Blanc. Positioned as Sauvignon Blanc with a splash of pink and sold in the Sauvignon Blanc section alongside the white wines, it was determined that the standout of a pink wine would pop and create theatre.

Tucker Branding was employed to design packaging concepts for the new varietal which then underwent consumer testing. Four final concepts were tested based on a comprehensive brief from our client. The new wine needed to fit in with the current Ta_Ku brand design and use existing Ta_Ku screw cap, neck label and bottle shape. Mandatory also, was the use of a salmon pink color closely matching the wine’s color and the specific descriptor: Sauvignon Blanc PINK.

While the options presented incorporated such design variants on the existing label as coloured typography, pink tinting of the main illustration, edgy street-culture descriptors, and illustration deviations, a clear winner was established. The resulting packaging, now part of the Ta_Ku range, closely reflects the Sauvignon Blanc label, albeit with a subtle ‘hint of pink.’

As recognition for its unique creativity with the product category, Ta_Ku Sauvignon Blanc PINK was subsequently credited with the ‘Best Innovation in Wine’ at the Drinks Awards.

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