Organic range

An organic modernisation

Angove Family Winemakers has a strong commitment to sustainability at all levels. While their Organic Range is a strong performer, an update to the packaging was needed to convey a more contemporary image. Tucker Branding’s brief was to explore the notion of evolution rather than revolution given that this range (and Temple Bruer — also part of the Vintage House Wine and Spirits portfolio), commanded more than 40% of the domestic organic wine category.

Taking our design cues from other Angove products including the Long Row range, we incorporated the positive branding style into a single unified label and added a horizontal grain texture. We opted to retain the deckled bottom edging, but to give it a cleaner look we moved some existing elements to the back label. The organic hand in circle device has a stronger vine representation and a simplified background to better highlight the texture and emphasise the organic theme of the brand. Additionally, we embossed the device to strengthen it further.

Typography took on a more contemporary feel with a sans-serif font, while simplification of the label is further achieved by moving the previous Australian Certified Organic logo and 750mL to the back label. The capsules, branded on top and on the skirt now share both the Angove and Organic brand devices and utilise each varietal’s colour for maximum standout.

The designs were rolled out with the introduction of two new varietals — an organic Rosé and Pinot Grigio — with the rest of the range scheduled to be updated at a later date.

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