St Agnes XO Brandy

Distilling the essence of an extraordinary history

St Agnes Brandy has been handcrafted using the time-honoured, traditional, small batch, double pot still distillation method since 1925.

Long time Tucker Branding client Angove Family Winemakers asked us to create a special range of packaging for a limited edition, small-batch production run of three luxury, extra-old St Agnes Brandies: an ultra-luxury, Single Cask 40yo Grand Reserve XO Brandy; a 20yo XO Imperial Premium Brandy; and a 15yo Very Old XO Brandy.

Primarily aimed at the Chinese market, the premium Brandies required a level of packaging commensurate with their price. Opulence was the order of the day with decanter style French glass bottles printed in 24ct at the source, 18ct gold plated stoppers, neck dressing and bottle base, Portuguese cork, and on the 40yo Grand Reserve, a small 24ct gold roundel inset with brushed copper and engraved with a likeness of St Agnes herself.

To complement each of the premium XO products, special gift boxes lined with red velvet and matching slip cases were also created; the Grand Reserve XO and the Premium XO featuring a signed and numbered certificate of authenticity and booklet.

The finished result is a series of XO brandies designed for a discerning audience and crowned by the 40yo XO Grand Reserve, which sits happily amongst the world’s most distinguished spirits.

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