St Agnes VS and VSOP Brandy

A new premium for St Agnes

The success of St Agnes XO range of limited edition luxury brandies was an impetus for a packaging refresh of their core range of 3 Star and VSOP brandies. There was also a need to combat the major liquor chains promoting their own brands and arrest flagging sales of 3 Star Brandy in the lead up to Christmas with the introduction of a limited edition gift tin.

On the back of global acclaim for the XO packaging, Angove Family Winemakers asked Tucker Branding to upgrade the design of both their St Agnes 3 Star and VSOP products. The brief was to bring both into the same style and appeal as the XO range of products. The redesign for the 3 Star Brandy needed to be applied across the entire range — from 50mL to 1.5L.

We set about deciding what evolutionary steps should be taken to move the current packaging toward the XO imagery. Options for colour palettes were considered along with border treatments. In consultation with the client and to align the 3 Star range with international designations, we adopted the VS (Very Superior) moniker to replace the 3 Star range name and augment the existing VSOP (Very Superior Old Pale) naming. This also gave an opportunity for typographic synergy across the VS and VSOP labels. Simplification and clarity were also applied to the St Agnes motif as per the XO branding.

The flagship 700mL products of both the VS and VSOP varied slightly in that new cognac-style bottles were created to incorporate the updated embossed St Agnes motif.

The resulting branding and packaging has elevated quality cues that sit comfortably with the XO range, while the tie between the VS and VSOP naming, encourages increased upward consumer traction throughout the St Agnes Brandy portfolio.

Additional to the label refresh, we were also asked to look at a bottle-wrap skin for the current stock of 700mL bottles and a gift tin for coming festive season and beyond. Using elements from the revised labels, we created a design that sat harmoniously within the St Agnes range and provided an attractive gift offering to capture consumer’s attention. The original gold tin design was updated later to be more reflective of the VS branding.

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