The Warrior

A heroic marque

Anvers Wines prides itself on producing premium wines from the respected Adelaide Hills and Langhorne Creek wine regions of Australia. As the French name for the Belgian City of Antwerp, Anvers is also where owners Wayne and Myriam first met in 1983, and also Myriam’s home town.

Tucker Branding was asked to reimagine the packaging for future releases of the Anvers Reserve Shiraz. It was their hero product, and as such, needed a reliable, dependable name and package to reflect its quality. We also wanted to increase the strength of the Anvers brand to improve brand recognition, in export markets, especially Europe.

The current Anvers identity has an interesting background: it uses a sculptured statue of a Roman soldier named Silvius Brabo as part of their identity. The 1887 statue by sculptor Jef Lambeaux is actually a fountain and sits in the middle of Antwerp’s ‘Grote Markt’. According to legend, a terrible giant, called Druoon Antigoon, lived on the banks of the River Scheldt in ancient times and would cut off sailor’s hands if they couldn’t pay a toll. Brabo managed to kill the giant, cut off his hand and (as the sculpture depicts), threw it into the river.

Aptly renamed ‘The Warrior’ for Brabo’s heroic efforts, we upgraded the existing packaging with a new bottle shape and printed front and back labels in both gold and silver directly on to glass to lift quality perception. We also undertook to enhance the realism of the sculpture image which originally looked low quality and lowered the price perception of the product.

‘The Warrior’ is a distinctive product in every sense of the word. The quality cues are immediately evident and more than complement the wine quality and price point. The packaging redesign proved to be a hit with Anvers further tasking Tucker Branding to update their Brabo range of wines to increase quality perception and attract a younger demographic.

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