Life Raw Coconut Water

A 100% pure approach

Exoriens invited us to become involved with a new venture to help bring a range of 100% pure and flavoured coconut water, plus fresh diamond and polished coconut products to the Australian and New Zealand market.

Under the ‘Life’ brand name, Tucker Branding was asked to design a brand identity, packaging and website for the raw, healthy drink range.

The hand-written ‘Life’ branding identity reflects healthy living and freshness and suggests a playful attitude while the blue colour strongly emphasises the brand, and allows strong legibility of the brand and product descriptor. We created labels for three variants of the 300mL bottles, along with stickers for the fresh coconut products, utilising both photography and illustration.

The brand project is complemented by a simple yet striking website designed to create brand awareness and give visitors information explaining what the products are and its health benefits. Our task also extended to creating an instructional video content to show people how to open the fresh coconut products — a relatively new concept in the local market.

Featured work​