The Tiller Shiraz and Bass Hill Blend

A celebrated gift from the Clare Valley

wo new distinguished entrants to the Georges Wines stable presented an opportunity to delve deeper into the George family story. The Tiller Shiraz is the ultimate acknowledgement of the George family’s commitment to their beloved Clare Valley vineyards. And the celebrated Bass Hill Vineyard blend; a gift from the rugged southern corner of the Clare Valley, with four nurtured varieties blended at their finest point. 

An understated yet luxurious pack with matte black thick-textured paper stock and a combination of screens and embossing adds tactility, and premium finishing.

The iconic George’s shield; comprised of the eminent Macedonian sun symbol, signifying connection to hope, craft and nature, wrapped with laurels indicating the nature of the George’s family and their stewardship over their revered vineyards.

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