Hesketh Regional Selections

A simple elegance

Demand for varietally driven, regionally interesting and approachable wine styles is growing with a new and younger demographic of wine consumers. Hesketh Wines approached Tucker Creative with a brief to design a regional range of selected vineyard & varietal combinations of note, recognised for their excellence and selected for their drinkability. The new Hesketh range showcases bright, vibrant, fruit-forward wines. As such, the label design captures the essence of vitality each wine conveys through their specific varietal and vineyard pairings.


The team wanted the label design to reflect each wine’s quality, being the best of a specific growing region, the simple elegance of the bold colour of the pack surrounded by the white border along with the blends of typeface was utilised to instil the essence of its unique composition while demonstrating sophistication, and attracting attention.

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