Kilikanoon KX Small Batch

Experimental classics

Kilikanoon Wines is passionate about their wine, and a desire to showcase the best of the single vineyards across the region yielded the fruits of the KX project. These wines are an expression of the different grape personalities, microclimates, soils, and aspects that exist in the sub-regions within Clare. While some of the varietals may appear familiar, the approach to winemaking by the skilful team is much more experimental.

At Tucker Creative, we approached the Kilikanoon KX Small Batch wine series in a similar fashion to the winemaking; to be expressive, experimental, and demonstrate experience. We worked with the brand owners in exploring the proposition, and to deliver on the objective to develop a contemporary voice to appeal to an even broader, more adventurous audience. The label design features a modern colour palette, communications hierarchy, and unique monogram to depict the contemporary stylings, and be immediately accessible to consumers on the lookout for a wine that rewards their curiosity.

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