Koonowla Craft Beer

A Colorful Clare Valley Brew

Eager to enhance the Koonowla – Clare Valley on-site experience, the George family have now brewed their own craft beer to share with customers and guests at cellar door, weddings, and events held on site. Tasked with integrating the new beers into the Koonowla Wines offering, Tucker Creative and the George family collaborated with the very talented crew at Little Bang Brewing Company to make the personalised bevy of crafty, and refreshing brews.


Referencing the brand and packaging designs already undertaken for Koonowla, Tucker Creative reintroduced the brand architecture of the prominent tower on the historic property, with eye-catching typography and colour palette. The roofline of Koonowla’s original 1896 Gravitational Cellar becomes a decorative, and more pattern-like livery. The vibrant colour palette of the three beers, in addition to showing reverence to the existing wine range, enabled for easy identification by staff and guests at nighttime events. Mindful of the positioning of their wines as vegan friendly, this new brew also needed to hit the vegan friendly mark.

The Koonowla range of beers enhance their brand offerings and on-site experience, opening up consumers to their range of wines through a bright and vivacious label and gaining respect among event-goers who may prefer a beer over wine.

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