Koonowla Reverence Series

Reawakening the Koonowla Story

Tucker Creative worked with George Family Winegrowers to elevate their Koonowla brand and packaging, reinforcing its Clare Valley origins and infusing it with contemporary creative cues driving widestream appeal and shelf impact. The Koonowla Reverence range of wines pays homage to both distant and recent pasts, to mark a new beginning and a reawakening of Koonowla.


A strong and consistent application of the new Koonowla brand – inspired by a sense of place –  establishes a new legacy for the historic property. The quality textured label stock with earthy, toned pastel varietal colour application brightens and freshens the range grabbing attention and appetite appeal.

The new direction is humble and respectful of tradition, while looking forward to a positive future for the brand in a bolder colour palette and application of brand and finish.

Featured work​