Nepenthe Altitude

Elevating to a new height

As part of our refresh within the Nepenthe Wines portfolio, the Nepenthe Altitude range required a lift to quality cues, as well as to sit visually much more in-line with the premium, luxurious presentation of the other ranges.

The topographical patterned theme continues texturally into this range, representing the brand’s sense of place and reinforcing Nepenthe’s position as producers of premium cool-climate wines from Adelaide Hills.


Many elements symbolically and physically represent this range’s namesake: Altitude, the text itself printed high-build so one can feel its elevation to the touch; as well as the black Nepenthe logo die cut, projecting above the front label. The logo and Adelaide Hills gold foiling allows for solidified brand presence and regionality helping with recognition of this highly regarded producer and region.

Overall, the package is more aligned to the core values of the brand, and has allowed for much easier recognition of key communicators, and aid consumer navigation through the different price points of the Nepenthe portfolio.

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