Phi premium wine range

A classic partnership

When two well-known and respected wine companies come together to produce a premium offering, expect the result to be something special. PHI is a premium wine brand borne from a collaboration between the Shelmerdine (Merindoc) and De Bortoli wine families.

Tucker Branding’s exemplary design work for Shelmerdine’s extensive portfolio led to us creating PHI Premium Wine Range. Our brief was to develop packaging for the new wine brand to exude quality and command a high price point. With only 1000 cases across three different wine styles, the packaging needed to convey exclusiveness and attract the 35yo+ wine enthusiast and connoisseur.

The name PHI derives from the 21st letter of the ancient Greek alphabet and perfectly symbolises winemaking balance and harmony. We created the circular PHI symbol out of pewter to form a strong brand icon and impart quality. The light silver screw cap closure and rich silver label design accentuate the hand-applied pewter logo, while a sophisticated font and premium silver colour were chosen to distinguish the front label. The rich silver colour complements the almost gothic pewter PHI symbol and assists in expressing a real sense of quality and occasion.

The back labels invite wine appreciators to read about the PHI partnership between the two Victorian wine families and the PHI philosophy.

The resulting premium packaging celebrates the De Bortoli and Shelmerdine union. The innovative silver pewter symbol and embossed embellishments create desirable branding, quality cues and market differentiation that has impacted strongly on wine sales, while also commanding a premium price point.

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