Encouraging generational succession

The Sevenhill Inigo range of table wines had been in the market for 5 years, and while it had performed well, it was felt that the packaging needed a contemporary facelift to appeal to new adopters in the generationally-changing consumer markets. To sustain and grow market share, Sevenhill Wines sought a review of the Inigo packaging and tasked Tucker Branding with the brief.

Inigo, named in honor of Jesuit founder St Ignatius who was baptized in Spain as Inigo Lopez de Loyola, is a portfolio of serious table wines with a $25-$30 RRP price point and designed for broad appeal in current regional Estate styles. The new packaging needed to reflect a brand that understands the contemporary cues for generational change in consumer purchasing behavior while holding true to the values of a brand that represents the spirituality of its Jesuit ownership. Additionally, the new Sevenhill logo (now with 1851 establishment date), Clare Valley region, and Estate Grown all required prominence.

While the previous packing featured a watermark of St Ignatius, a contemporary approach meant the image could only play a small part (if any) in the refreshed packaging. Gone too was the Bishop’s miter label shape in favor of a more contemporary split label approach with the Sevenhill branding, now situated beneath the main label, creating a link between the main brand and the Inigo sub-brand.

We also explored several traditional typographic options. However, they were subsequently discarded in favour of a stylised hand-written approach for “Inigo” to create a greater point of difference from the traditional brand look. More elegant and premium cues were introduced with the use of classic typography, along with embellishments to enhance the script “Inigo” (now in the background of the label, produced in an eye-catching gloss high build finish), bringing a level of personalisation and merit to an otherwise elegant and contemporary package.

A palette featuring Slate Grey suggests a link with the slate fermenters, still adorning the grounds and providing a connection with the Sevenhill winery, its winemakers, and history.

The redesigned Inigo packaging, together with a new universal, stand-up six-bottle carton, brings with it an elegance and a must ‘pick me up’ difference that is engaging and will serve well in broadening the customer appeal.

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