Spirit Thief Awarded

World Whiskies Awards 2022

Tucker Creative was fortunate to have our work for the Spirit Thief Distilling Co packaging recognised with a number of awards at the World Whiskies Awards 2022 in London (coinciding with additional awards for the product itself). We are honoured and humbled to have received the World’s Best Design award, along with awards for Best Limited Edition Design, Best Bottle Range, and Gold Range Design. There was a very strong contingent of entrants, and we acknowledge the immense talent across all of the different categories. 


This curated single malt collection from Spirit Thief is a rare series of Tasmanian-released whiskies matured in hand-picked, locally charred and re-coopered red wine barrels for a distinctive and complementary palate, flavour and character. The red wine barrels are individually profiled and hand-picked from renowned local wineries – who each produce terroir-typical, best of varietal and region wines. The varietals within the curated barrel selection include Shiraz, Cabernet Sauvignon, Grenache, Tempranillo and Pinot Noir with more varietal expressions planned in upcoming releases.

Tucker Creative worked extensively with the brand owners at Spirit Thief forming a collaboration to achieve their vision; producing a premium, and richly constructed brand and package design. The project team implemented a full strategic review of the existing brand, products, and market aspirations for the brand; which in turn led to a well-informed and structured approach to the rollout of project milestones.

By leveraging existing supplier relationships, and bolstering these supply chains by forging connections with new print and packaging specialists, Tucker Creative was able to advocate for the quality cues and consistency required for the premium level of quality this project required.

The attention to detail exhibited by the label design, bespoke premium packaging and custom embossed glass mould, accentuates the overall presentation, culminating into an attractive, and unified presentation for the brand, rewarding the curiosity of customers.

The unmistakable heavy metal branded labels carry the brand aspirations to a growing legion of followers, and both the distinctly coloured varietal label and roundel are accented by heavy-embossed detail, bringing tactility and interest.

The range of unique, limited edition single malts by Spirit Thief continues to expand, and because of the consistency in presentation, new additions to the range will continue to promote familiarity and inspire confidence in a growing legion of dedicated connoisseurs.

While the Spirit Thief Distilling Co Exploration Series was a collaborative affair (a celebration of distinguished distilleries across the globe that were then matured in a uniquely curated ex-red wine barrel collection), the most recently released Spirit Thief Cellar Reserve Series are distilled and wine-barrel aged exclusively on site at the Tasmanian distillery and bond store.

Inspired by vintage, wax stamped spirit bottles, the Spirit Thief logo encapsulates the brand message “guard your honour… honour your spirit”. The logo has incorporated the whisky thief to replicate crossed swords (a whisky or spirit thief is a tubular copper tool that master distillers use to extract samples of whisky).

The proprietary glass bottle designed for Spirit Thief Distilling Co is designed for tactility, interest, and to integrate the Spirit Thief brand elements. It’s sleek, simple and delicate yet strikingly confident; perfectly appointed for collectors, or for premium gifting applications.

The immediately attractive series is further complemented by limited edition wooden presentation boxes, uniquely numbered and beautifully-crafted in the Barossa Valley, purpose-built to house the exceptional release of single malt whiskies.

Our consistent application of brand through marketing support utilising numerous touchpoints like point-of-sale material including shelf wobblers, trade brochures and pull-up banners, direct-to-consumer marketing like flyers, emails, special offers, mail-outs and membership-exclusive content, development of a digital marketing strategy with roll-out through social media management, SEO, SEM, PPC and blog production, as well as a complete website design and build to drive consumer engagement.

As a component of our direct-to-consumer campaign, member-exclusive content was implemented through the Spirit Thief Vanguard Club using cost effective measures like keyrings, emails, mail-outs and website wait-lists to establish and maintain consumer relationships.

Spirit Thief is a Tasmanian single malt whisky, truly for connoisseurs of fine wines, born from the fruits of exploration into the complex interactions between whisky and wine.

There are many exciting new developments and products yet to be announced and released for Spirit Thief, but we hold very high expectations for the longevity of the packaging.

Thank you to Brett Steel and Spirit Thief Distilling Co for entrusting us with your brand.

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