St Agnes Bartender's Cut

Designed by bartenders, for bartenders

When St Agnes Distillery set out to craft a uniquely Australian brandy, blended especially for the Australian bar scene, they needed a pack that would stand out from behind the bar. This collaboration included the team at Tucker Creative to design the packaging for the new batch-distilled Bartender’s Cut brandy, needing to perform commercially, aesthetically and practically.

Taking notice of the wave of new spirits hitting the market, the packaging required a design that was clean, crafted and modern; and standing out from its competition at bars across Australia was high on the list of priorities. The elements of the pack deliberately tie to the clean amber brandy; the sculptured embossed type set in copper foil, the super-heavy matte black, framed by a beautifully elegant pattern, to the warm wooden stopper etched with the St Agnes logo.

Bartender’s Cut is blended by bartender’s, for bartenders; and as such, the bottle selected also allows for the best performance in a bar setting, being easy to hold while pouring and mixing. 

St Agnes Distillery have set the bar high with this release.

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