St Agnes Perpetual Brandy

Changing perceptions of a masterfully blended brandy

St Agnes Distillery has been carefully honing their craft since 1925, making their distillery Australia’s oldest continually operating craft distillery. Continuing the Double Distilled, Pot Still tradition behind St Agnes Distillery, is the introduction of St Agnes Perpetual. This latest release is a masterfully blended spirit, where barrels of younger maturing brandies are introduced to older parcels from each blend. Each Perpetual brandy contains small amounts of brandy that are over 50 years old.


Tucker Creative once again had the opportunity to work with the team at Angove Family Winemakers, never one to rest on their laurels, on the packaging of this new product from St Agnes Distillery. Looking for luxurious premium cues with export market sensitivities, the package balances red and gold from a backdrop confident in black. This packaging maintains the St Agnes family harmony, respectful to the established green label VS and blue label VSOP brandies, while elevating premium cues, and creating lasting legacy and definition within the market.

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