Special Selections

Converting the faithful into true believers.

Phil Lehmann, head winemaker at St John’s Road would make a brilliant designer. His fastidious attention to detail into the influences of Barossa terroir is forensic, knowing the smallest detail it creates in a wine is capable of remarkable differences.

Our design brief was born in Phil’s winemaking philosophy. The new St John’s Road Special Selections range should be a representation and homage to the unique and unmistakable influences of Barossa terroirs. Suffice to say, capturing this essence was critically important.

Leading the pilgrimage ‘The Evangelist’ and ‘The Prophet’ are cloaked in dark taupe and slate grey. An undulating elevation in silver-foil leads the eye from the Barossa Valley floor up to High Eden, with pointers highlighting the unique terroir, location and varietal source for each in this family of St John’s Road wines.

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