Two Accents Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin

A barrel-aged gin for the ages

Joining the Two Accents portfolio, is this batch-distilled Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin, celebrating the Barossa’s reds. 

The aim was to marry the pristine Two Accents gin with Barossa Shiraz, then carefully finished in Barossa Valley Shiraz oak barrels, creating a distinctly tinted liquid and unique flavour profile. A gin to be savoured; a complex interpretation of a contemporary Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin. To appropriately depict this unique gin, Two Accents worked directly with the Tucker Creative team, crafting a sophisticated label design extension; mirroring the sense of craft and expertise Two Accents wielded to create this incredible gin.


Several elements evoke this ‘sense of craft’ on the label design. The illustration of the botanicals around the top border wrapping around the gin, reminiscent of a wreath, intertwined botanicals of orange and caraway sit alongside juniper and apple all in a pencil-sketch style; the illustration detailed and intricate as the gin itself. The silver foil-stamped brand and border highlight key product statements; the centrally-positioned numeral ‘2’ of the Two Accents’ logo catches the eye with an elemental glint increasing shelf standout. Bold, distinct and captivating like the Barossa rockstar reds used in creating the Two Accents Barrel-Aged Shiraz Gin.

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