2MT Ales and Ciders

Farmhouse brew

Tucker Branding was engaged to design a range of beer packaging for The Two Metre Tall Company (2MT) in Tasmania. 2MT had developed a brewing facility in the Derwent Valley around 40 minutes North West of Hobart. Their initial focus was to produce real ale beers made from natural ingredients found and farmed in Tasmania. And, except for the ‘Cleansing Ale’, each product was named after a major Tasmanian River.

Our packaging and branding needed to express that the beers are completely hand-made using quality regional, natural ingredients. In the Tasmanian River Series packaging, we captured the natural, almost organic, nature of the beers by featuring a distinctive depiction of the river featured in the beer’s name, plus a rustic stock choice. The unique 500mL bottles also incorporate a distinctive neck label which further highlights the hand-made aspect of the brews by including individual numbering plus exclusive brew and bottle conditioning information.

We also looked at designing packaging for their exclusive 750mL Barrel Aged and Sour Ales, 375mL Cleansing Ale, individual hand pump tap decals, 6 pack and carton designs and Farm Bar collateral.

The corporate identity and packaging reflects the hand-made beer brewing process, captures the natural significance of Tasmania and gives 2MT a quality point of difference in the market.

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